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“John's a true pro - he was on time (a bit early actually!) and was helpful and professional right front the start. He knew exactly what he was doing (fully licensed and certified) and was a good bloke to boot. No hesitation in recommending him.”

Renee A.


“John was excellent!
Extremely professional and capable.
He comes with my highest recommendation.

Jonathan R.

Technica Electrical

"a quality electrician service, with technical expertise."

Phone: 0408 833 759

Technica Electrical was started by John Otto in 2015 after he left a long corporate career in the wide-format graphics industry to apply his extensive technical and customer service knowledge in his own business as an electrical contractor. In John's many years in the competitive, highly demanding graphics industry he acquired extensive skills in technical trouble-shooting, rapid resolution of business-critical issues, impressive attention to detail and customer-focused service.

The name "Technica Electrical" draws on John's technical history as well as his electrical trade with a nod to the history of electricity. In the mid 1600s the book "Technica Curiosa"  was published detailing the discovery of static electricity by Otto von Guericke, who studied at a number of universities, including at Leiden in the Netherlands. Increasing the appeal of adopting the name "Technica" was John's family connection to the city of Leiden and the Otto name.



ABN: 66228229582

Electrical Contractor Lic.283876C
Electrical Supervisor Cert.22206S