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“John's a true pro - he was on time (a bit early actually!) and was helpful and professional right front the start. He knew exactly what he was doing (fully licensed and certified) and was a good bloke to boot. No hesitation in recommending him.”

Renee A.


“John was excellent!
Extremely professional and capable.
He comes with my highest recommendation.

Jonathan R.

Technica Electrical

"a quality electrician service, with technical expertise."

Phone: 0408 833 759

Q: What should I do when my lights go out?

A: If the lights have gone out in all the houses on your block, utility companies generally know about the outage and will promptly take care of it. If your house is the only one without power, please call our  electrical repair service immediately to troubleshoot your problem.


Q: What kind of lights should I look for when swapping out old halogen downlights?

A: When swapping out downlights with pendants it's important to make sure that the lights you buy have a base plate big enough to cover the 95-105mm hole in the ceiling, otherwise you'll be up for some plastering & painting.


Q: When purchasing a ceiling fan should I buy a remote controlled type?

A1: The cost of installing  a standard three speed switch control can end up costing you more than the extra paid for all the bells & whistles remote control due to the added wiring.

A2: If you live in an apartment then there is no choice as there is no ceiling access to run any wiring.


Q: How low can a ceiling fan hang from the ceiling?

A: The BCA (building code of Australia) states that the min. height of the fan blades must be 2.1m (7') from the floor. You will  have to have  a ceiling height of at least 2.3m so you'll be able to fit a 195mm low profile fan (without light).